Some years are just like that


there is no try

Last year at this time I made (what I thought) was a commitment to myself to get back in rockin’ shape so I could enjoy my time on the trails pain-free.

I also wanted to lose weight.

Now a year has passed and I don’t have the before and after pictures to show, like so many of the blogs that inspired this. I only have the before and the before.

Monday June 14th, I went on a fruit and vegetable diet for 3 days in an effort to reset my habits, and remind myself what hunger truly feels like. When I slip into the easy bad habits, I mistake hunger for a million things: boredom, anxiety, stress.

When I can work up the self-discipline to really feel hunger again, I find it helps me re-focus, and part of that is getting back on the trail and feeling the exhilaration of flying on a single track trail carried by my own two legs.

Dr. Laura’s statement is with me: there is no try, there is only do.


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