One of those days

I just didn’t have it today on my run.

I think I was bonking. That sounds dramatic, but I think as I get older I need to fuel myself more frequently for exercise. This notion doesn’t sit well with my WeWa self who wants to hoard points-  points points points vs. ap’s ap’s ap’s floating around in my head creating a ruckus of unfocused energy.

When I was younger, I could go out for 2 or more hours without breakfast and without eating while out on the trail. I tried that this morning: coffee for breakfast, followed by an hour of yoga, then off to a 4 mile run.  I could barely make 2 miles before I had to walk, and restarting the run was painful. I think if I had rested for a half hour after yoga to have a banana or some oatmeal, I’d have felt better on my run.

(But maybe I have swine flu. LOL!)


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