Poo Soup

I did pretty well in the Napa Valley Sprint triathlon. It rained the whole swim and bike ride, and was cold(water temps in the mid-60’s, air temps not much warmer) but I came in about 1:43. I was scared on my new bike on those slick roads being a fairly inexperienced road bike rider.

Buuuut…… I just completed the Tri Girl Tri Sprint Triathlon on Oct 4th, and I dropped 8 minutes off my last time!! I completed in 1:35:17. The weather was gorgeous, and the water temp about 72. That makes a huge difference.

Here are my splits:

1/2 mile swim – 13:32

11 mile bike- 49:something – I think it was actually 12 miles, but whatevs.

3 mile run- 29 something. I was just happy to be under a 10 min mile!

After the last triathlon, I’m back on the WeWa, seriously. I feel so competitive about my finish I just know if I dropped some lbs I would really be a contendah! I have my eye on next year.

I’m not much of a vegetable eater, so this is one of my challenges with improving my diet. I had all this leftover broccoli and some swiss chard so I threw it in a pot with some ff chicken broth, some ginger, garlic, celery, fresh thyme and fresh parsley.

I roasted a sweet potato I had on hand and threw that in too. 1C 1% milk and blended everything together into a creamy consistency.

It looks like something you’d find in a baby’s diaper, but it sure tastes good and it’s probably a cup of veggies.


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