New Bike!!

I feel like a little kid. Last weekend I went out and got a fancy carbon fiber Raleigh road bike for the triathlon I signed up for. My bike dealer gave me a great deal because it’s from last year.

I refuse to become a team spandex proseur though. We are innundated with Lance wannabes every weekend who drive up from the city and ride in packs of 20, creating a road hazard on blind corners and hilltops.  As much as I respect athleticism, and feel the healthy fear of being within inches of a couple of tons of 45 mph bone crushing automobile, I can’t tolerate the entitlement of some of the cyclists I encounter daily.


I rode my new bike out of my local bikeshop and right up White’s hill. I haven’t ridden a road bike in about, well, a couple of years. I had a bianchi I bought used off craigslist, but it was too big. I had no idea that a wrongly sized bike could exhaust me so thoroughly. Scared me too, going downhill. I felt completely out of control on that bianchi.

The first thing I noticed about riding my new bike is the gears are not granny compatible. I need to get stronger (weighing less would help) to use this gearing to get up hills. The second thing I noticed is that a good fitting bike is unbelievably fun to ride. I feel like I’m on a razor blade in a wind tunnel going down hill on this bike. Being carbon fiber, I can practically pick it up with my finger.

Now I am in the game. I am so excited about this triathlon, I have actually started looking around at other sprint distance events to get really going. I think I may sign up for the Vineman Showdown, too, even though its only about a month away.

Again, thanks Donut.


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